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9th Edition of International Conference on

Neurology and Neurological Disorders

June 20-22, 2024 | Paris, France

Neurology 2024

Oliver Seemann

Oliver Seemann, Speaker at Brain Disorders Events
Oliver Seemann
Psychiatriezentrum Breitenau, Switzerland


Dr. med. Oliver Seemann from 1988-93 study of medicine in Heidelberg, Barcelona and Munich. 1997-2001 education as psychiatrist and psychotherapist at University LMU München. 2002-ongoing - outpatient treatment and research of the effects of repetitive transcranaial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) on psychiatric and neurological disorders and as a method for wellness and lifestyle for healthy people. 2017-ongoing - through his research he developed the hitherto only clinically tested, totally mobile, Low-Intensity subthreshold transcranial magnetic stimulator. 2020 implementing an Interventional Psychiatric Department in the Psychiatric Clinic of Schaffhausen (PZB, Switzerland): High-Intensity and subthreshold mobile Low-Intensity rTMS, TPS.

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