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9th Edition of International Conference on

Neurology and Neurological Disorders

June 20-22, 2024 | Paris, France

Neurology 2024

Frank Owen Bastian

Frank Owen Bastian, Speaker at Neurological Disorders Conferences
Frank Owen Bastian
Bastian Enterprises, United States


Dr. Bastian (Neuropathologist, Duke School of Medicine) while on faculty at Baylor College of Medicine examined a brain biopsy from a patient with CJD. At that time (1976) the transmissible agent was stopped by a 100 nm filter, which is huge for an electron microscopist. He examined sections in grid-like pattern by TEM and found a coiled structure consistent with a Spiroplasma sp. S. mirum had produced spongiform encephalopathy experimentally in suckling rats. He then examined CJD autopsy by TEM and found a pristine coiled structure easily differentiated from surrounding autolyzed membranes. THIS CONVINCED DR. BASTIAN HE WAS ON THE RIGHT TRACT. He is developing a LIVE diagnostic test for CJD and other TSEs based upon the novel bacterium.